All instructors are IBJJF certified!

Renato Magno:
6th Degree Black Belt

Jiu-Jitsu entered Renato's life at a young age; his father, Carlos Magno, used to train with the Gracie family. Renato soon started participating in tournaments - the first medal he ever won was gold at the age of 13. Judo, which he practiced at the time, ended up being sacrificed for this new passion. His development as an athlete was influenced by Masters Gastão Gracie Jr., Carlos Gracie Jr., and by the Machado Brothers. It was the Machados who convinced Renato Magno to move from Brazil to the United States - where he arrived in 1991 - as an instructor at their academies. In 1998 Renato opened his own academy, Street Sports Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, located in Santa Monica, where he has students ranging in age from 8 to 65.

Renato has many illustrious pupils. As a "Defensive Tactics Consultant", he teaches Jiu-Jitsu secrets to the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) and the NYPD (New York Police Department). He has taught more than eight thousand officers and received a prize for this service. Through Jiu-Jitsu and Renato's projects with the Los Angeles Police Department, martial arts have been applied as the non-violent approach to resolve confrontation.

Renato has participated in several cinema and TV productions. His most recent and most important role was performing as an actor, technical consultant and fight choreographer for "Red Belt", a movie with Chiwetel Ejiofor and Alice Braga which opened in May 2008.

Over the years, Renato has accumulated several awards both in Brazil and in the United States. Renato's fine character combined with his extraordinary skills made him one of the best Judo & Jiu-Jitsu fighters and one of the world's greatest martial arts experts. Most importantly if you decide to enter the door of his studio you will find a down to earth, laid back guy who will bring Jiu-Jitsu at your level while making sure that you are having fun with it.

Adam Gordinier:
1st Degree Black Belt

Adam received his jiu-jitsu black belt from Renato Magno and his brown belt from Eddie Bravo. Studying under such acclaimed, yet stylistically different masters of the sport has helped him develop a highly technical, yet easily accessible brand of jiu-jitsu that combines modern techniques and positions with a solid foundation in the fundamentals. An active and experienced competitor, Adam teaches both classes and private lessons in jiu-jitsu and self defense.

Adam is sponsored by Albino and Preto (AP).

Charles Martone:
2nd Degree Black Belt

A second-degree black belt under Renato Magno, Charles Martone has more than two decades of jiu-jitsu experience. “Dr. Charlie” is also a licensed chiropractor, who has practiced for over 19 years and helped many Street Sports students prepare for and recover from training and competition. His thorough understanding of body mechanics gives him a unique perspective on jiu-jitsu, which has translated to great success as a competitor and teacher. He counts his gold medal in the 2008 Pan-American Jiu-Jitsu championships as one of his highest achievements in the sport.

Theo Lacy: Black Belt

Theo is a black belt under Renato Magno, whose teaching focuses on the application of jiu-jitsu in real life and self-defense situations. Drawing upon his years working in nightclub security, Theo offers a unique and invaluable perspective on what is truly required to diffuse and control an off-the-mat or in-the-streets altercation. A passionate and devoted instructor, Theo enjoys helping his students achieve their goals in jiu-jitsu, fitness, self-defense and personal growth.

Alejandro (Alex) Lucas:
Black Belt

Alex trains under Renato Magno directly at Street Sports. He is an active and internationally ranked competitor in the International Federation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, National Association of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the World Jiu Jitsu League. He has over 23 years of Youth Coaching Experience in numerous sports and has a passion for working with youth with special needs.

Alex is a friendly and well respected member of the community that is sponsored by Maximus Kimonos.

Career and Tournament Highlights

2018 - Ranked #1 NABJJF Black Belt Age 41- 45 for the Year.
2018 – November – Bronze- Long Beach Open- Black Belt- Masters III
2018 – August- Silver – North American Championship- Black Belt – Masters II- Open Weight
2018 – August- Gold – North American Championship- Black Belt – Masters II- Middle Weight
2018 – June – Gold- Los Angeles Open – Black Belt - Masters II
2018 – February – Bronze San Francisco Open- Black Belt- Masters III
2017 – December 16th - Awarded the rank of Black Belt under Professor Renato Magno.
2017- NABJJF – World Championship - Bronze – Brown Belt Masters II – Middle Weight
2016 – Jiu Jitsu by the Bay- Bronze – Brown Belt Masters – Middle Weight
2016 – World Jiu Jitsu League – World Championship – Gold- Brown Belt Masters II – Middle Weight
2016 – World Jiu Jitsu League –World Ranking: Ranked #1 for Brown Belt Masters –Middle Weight
2013 – 2016 – Head Instructor of the Street Sports BJJ Children’s Program